Written by a Casting Insider – This is the comprehensive manual for Actors of all skill and experience levels. A practical guide with information and techniques you can use now - to get more auditions and to improve your audition success by delivering the performance that Casting Directors are looking for.



“I chose this book because it's just better…”

“If you are SERIOUS about improving your auditioning skills, understanding what an audition is and what a casting director is looking for… then you will want this book.”

“Nice to have a book from someone who actually worked in Casting. Very easy read, lots of highly valuable tips.”

“The Audition Book is a literal gold mine that condenses all the major points that would otherwise require years of classwork to absorb…”

“The Audition [Book] is indeed an extraordinary book!!”

“This is like all my other acting textbooks in one.”

The best I've ever read. This book is one of those that people say:‘I wish I had this book when I first started out in the business’

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